How to Win Friends and Influence People with Mattress

4 Sep

Rolling over the bed, spending hours awake before the dream arrives or, simply, ending up more tired the morning after you went to sleep, may be a consequence of not having the right mattress for your needs; However, how to choose a mattress correctly?

The quality of sleep is one of the pillars of health, and the amount of it can vary from six to seven hours to be restorative, according to a study published by the Archives of General Psychiatry, but this would not be possible if you do not have the right mattress. Therefore, experts present 10 tips to choose a mattress and achieve a restful sleep:

  1. Never buy a mattress when you are tired, because anyone could seem appropriate.
  2. Form previous habits at bedtime, such as reading or listening to music.
  3. Before buying a mattress lie down on it. This is the most important test you can do. Make sure that it supports perfectly, especially in the area of ​​the waist and shoulders; roll a little: the mattress should not sink or deform; roll towards the shore: this one must support perfectly without you falling to the ground.
  4. It deserves a base or box spring of the same quality. Without the proper base your mattress will not give you the expected service and it will last less.
  5. Do not go to bed hungry or immediately after a hearty dinner.
  6. Do not skimp. He will reward you with the support and comfort necessary for a proper rest for years.
  7. The labels of a mattress should always be placed in a visible place. This can tell you a lot about the quality of the product.
  8. It is very important to examine the type and time of coverage. Most manufacturers offer 10 years or more, but only for a year the guarantee is total, and the rest is proportional, that is, you will be charged a part depending on the use.
  9. Try to relax at nightfall.
  10. There is a great variety and brands, but always seeing if their qualities meet your needs.

Sleep is such an important factor in life, that it can even influence our mortality. If after acquiring a suitable mattress you cannot fall asleep consider going to a specialist. Beware!

Classification according to the firmness of the mattress

The firmness is the hardness of the mattress and is a crucial criterion when choosing a good mattress.

A good mattress should spread the weight of the body evenly over the entire surface. It must also be firm enough to perfectly support the sleeper without being uncomfortable. Also, you should respect the natural curvature of the spine if you sleep on your back and keep your spine aligned while sleeping on your side.

If the mattress is too hard, it cannot adapt to the body. This allows a better aeration but does not allow the weight to be distributed correctly throughout the surface of the mattress. In a mattress that is too rigid, the back does not adapt properly, it can be uncomfortable and counterproductive.

If the mattress is too soft, the body tends to sink. This causes several problems, among which the sensation of heat increases, since the air does not circulate correctly. On the other hand, the back and spine are not well restrained, sleeping on their backs or on their sides. This type of mattress affects the curvature of the spine.

The firmness of the nucleus is given by what we feel to remain without moving for a while on the mattress. Depending on the core of the mattress, the firmness will be different. The mattresses with lower firmness are those of independent springs, pocket springs and latex core. On the other hand, the mattresses with higher firmness will be those of continuous wire springs and high-density HR foam. There are mattresses in the market that combine different materials and therefore offer combined properties.

The firmness of the mattress must always be marked by personal preference and by the weight of the sleepers. For searching the details click for best memory foam mattress and get all the info.