Vargas, the brand new band related to American Typewriter Records, is a Geneva (Switzerland) all stars quintet featuring members of Brakhage, Chapter, Equus, Impure Wilhelmina, Seaplane Harbor, Shora, Sinner DC and Swoan.

The band formed several years ago after some conversations by Alex Muller Ramirez and David Mamie during collaborations on other recordings, principally during the sessions for Swoan’s In Love album (Noise Product). After some consideration and an opening in their schedules the two recruited other like-minded and longtime collaborators Alexander Craker, Vincent Hänggi and Steve Mamie. They set about recording their first works. The songs were a combination of new compositions the five wrote together as well as a number of older pieces individually brought to the table for such an environment.

Their music powerfully crafts melodies out of microtones. Vargas carefully considered the placement of these delicate sounds not only to construct lacey melodies and deep grooves, but to do so while alternatively contrasting and complimenting the surrounding sounds.
The melodies and the motion are created not only by a simple melodic line, but by the placement of those lines within a contrasting framework. Its motion is derived from this juxtaposition not by standard beats. Headphones and high volume encouraged!

Members : Alex Muller Ramirez, guitars, synthesisers, vibes ; David Mamie, guitars & bass ; Steve Mamie, sythesisers ; Alexander Craker, voice & stuff. They played shows with bands like Arbouretum, Uzi & Ari, Trans Am or Mogwai…