Monolyth and Cobalt

Monolyth and Cobalt is the solo music project of Mathias Van Eecloo. A french musician, photographer, plastic artist and performer born in 1977. His music works have been released on Simon Scott's Kesh Recordings, Feedback Loop Label, Audio Gourmet and recently on Somehow Recordings. He also contributed to various artists compilations and featurings on Progressive Form, Denovali Records and Vintermusik.
His music is composed and made of many acoustic instruments such harmonium, piano, various strings, clarinet, concertina, zither, xylophone and more. Van Eecloo also uses breath on tape, field recordings and mainly works on some various hardware and/or computer. All of his music works are released like book chapters, some soundtracks for imaginary landscapes. His music oscillates between electro-acoustic, electronica, drone, post-classical, ambient, minimalist or shoegaze.

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