Lonski And Classen

Felix Classen and Lukas Lonski have been playing unique music since their childhood, however their recent compositions as well as their live shows take up position at Skeletons’, Thom Yorke’s or Talk Talk’s side. Their independence in style, mathematical precision in the geometrical play of instruments and a warm lightness create sound drenched moments of pure spirit.
Lukas Lonski and Felix Classen are the new musical sensation that brings Berlin to the world. Lonski & Classen released one of the Berlin´s scene records, Climbing on branches (Matrosenblau) in 2009. Their delicate blend of guitars, drums and melancholic melodies refer both the post rock of Sea and Cake as the mourners atmospheres of Radiohead. However, leave aside labels or references, Lonski & Classen´s music plays in the major pop league. Discover them is to love them.

lonski and classen