Logreybeam (Gabriel Morley) re-emerges from his studio in Los Angeles after collecting instruments, obscure noise gadgets and designing custom effects. Years of playing live PAs and a degree in Music Composition from CalArts contribute to his latest projects, which range from ambient layers under electronically eroded recordings to melancholic multi-tracked instrumentals.

Morley entered CalArts writing full score orchestral music and quartets, but by graduation hadn't written a note in years. The computer music department consumed him – classes included Max/MSP, Supercollider, composition/ form and writing VST plugins. His current toolbox contains the above, Logic, various bits of mystery code and instruments he's learned to play over the years.

He has toured through Europe and West Coast US, dates include Gent Sessions (Belgium), LACMA (Los Angeles), Rydal Festival (Sweden) and several shows in the UK. Logreybeam has played alongside the likes of Nortec Collective, Max Richter, Andreas Tilliander, Metamatics, Deru, L'usine and Richard Devine.