Library Tapes

Library Tapes (a.k.a. David Wenngren, from Gävle, Sweden) is the master of pure, minimalist piano based beauty. Having started from a completely stripped down approach, the Library Tapes sound has evolved to include sparingly used but perfectly balanced strings (provided by the wondeful Peter Broderick) and found sound, and is quite simply stunning.

"This is the fullest, most finished-sounding Library Tapes project since it was an official duo (with Per Jardsell), and may suit listeners who need more than a few endlessly revolving piano notes better than recent offerings. For fans of Max Richter, Tim Hecker, and Eluvium, A Summer Beneath the Tress is a can't-miss album." - PITCHFORK

"There's a drifting, cinematic quality... that goes beyond the parameters of modern classical, crossing over into more ambient terrain. Wonderful compositions throughout, all meticulously performed and produced, leaving you with an album that established Library Tapes fans will adore, and newcomers can get well and truly hooked on. Excellent." - BOOMKAT

library tapes