Krater is an electronic music project based on the construction of sound scapes from the canary islands using traditional instruments and nature elements that are digitally processed after. Is the result of an environment interpretation that far apart from any sign of identity from the canary islands making a new vision of the traditional elements through an electronic music format. This project pretends to manipulate rutine daily sounds to adapt them to a new musical environment open to experimentation and evolution of different electronic music styles without concentrating in any one in particular. Krater is composed by Luis Ortiz. Cristobal Montesdeoca and Raul Gonzalez in charge of the musical part and Amanda Lopez, artist in charge of transmitting through her visual art the concept of Krater developing a similar process to the audio part with images from the canary islands The first year of work between Barcelona and Berlin have been very productive completing their first album called Harmonic Tremor that will be edited by Klitekture label, a sonic and bizarre experience with influences from IDM, electronica minimal and postrock. Krater have presented the first album on International events such us Qwartz Awards Ceremony (Cirque de Ivern, Paris), CanariasMediafest (Las palmas de Gran Canaria), Electromechanika (San Petersburgo) , Display (Berlin), CNB (Barcelona) y Macc (Auditorio de Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife). After the acclaimed album Harmonic Tremor¨ Krater will release an especial edition DVD with remixes and audio/visual contents that will have the collaborations of international artists like Frank Bretschneider (Raster Noton), Mapstation (To Rococo Rot), Thomas Brinkman (Max Ernst founder and artists behind projects like Soulcenter).