Évo Lüthi

Multi-instrumentalist yet modern-classical composer Évo Lüthi works on piano-based music that ranges from solo pianos to expensive orchestrations.

Born and raised in a small rural ocean-side village called Kamouraska, Évo Lüthi used to be a strange and quiet child who spent hours looking at the sky, a solitary and lonely character. Throughout his youth he discovered various instruments but it was only at the age of 19 that he fell in love with piano, encountering recording, composing and all sound-art aspects through a sound engineering class.

Évo moved to Montreal in 2007 and on July 2010, he released the much acclaimed song-single L’absente through an artist compilation arranged by Montreal net-label Camomille music.
The compilation entitled "Hope’s not lost" features various electronic-ambient artists such Emanuele Errante, Ian Hawgood, Ilkae, Logreybeam and many others.

In 2012, Évo Lüthi became co-curator of a compilation music album blending international artists and producers from the ambient-electronic music scene; contacts and friends such Library Tapes, Danny Norbury, Machinefabriek, Donja Djember, Hannu Karjalainen, Marsen Jules, Near The Parenthesis, Moskitoo, Teruyuki Nobuchika, Ten and Tracer, Jesse Osborne-Lanthier: Noir, Pierre Duchesne, Layden Bryant, Gabriel Morley, Zachary Gray and many more.
This double cd-album collaborative features a solid line-up of musicians and heartfelt artists coming from both ambient and electronic music labels known as Type, 12k, sonic pieces, Home Normal, n5md, merck, Oktaf, mu-nest, Fang Bomb, City Center Offices, Kompakt, etc.
Offering a large and highly varied selection of songs the compilation is produced through cd-label Les Enregistrements Variables.

Lüthi also have a side-project collaboration with French artist Mathias Van Eecloo aka Monolyth and Cobalt. Their first album "Le Parfum" is released by the vinyl label American Typewriter in 2012. This vinyl release also contains an extra track remix from Gabriel Morley (Logreybeam).

Many other projects, collaborations, remixes, videoclips, installation pieces and releases made and/or ongoing.

evo luthi