Björn Kleinhenz

Bjorn Kleinhenz was born in Stuttgart, Germany in the early summer of 1981. After a few years there, his family moved to the deep forests of Smland, where Bjorn and his twin brother took their first careful steps towards becoming musicians. After playing in numerous bands through his childhood and teen years Bjorn started writing his first songs as a solo artist when stranded on Ireland for a few months in the fall of 2000. He immediately started recording when he came back to Sweden and has been releasing records since then.

Up to now he released 2 albums, a split EP two 7s, a bunch of tapes and CDRs as well as participating on a few compilations. 3 years ago Bjorn started to run a small record label with a few friends in Gothenburg, Johnny Brttom Records. In 2004 he did about 60 shows somewhere around europe, playing solo or helping friends out like Laurel Music or Boy Omega.

His music sounds like a long deep sigh, as if he digs out all his emotions, his feelings and dispread them just in front of us. damped arrangements, a doleful voice and here and there a little bit of sunshine. Floating melodies and moony moments.

Songs that grow and grow vast and not causeless have been compared to Elliott Smith and Will Oldham. It would just be too easy to see in Bjorn Kleinhenz nothing but the new Northern Singer/Songwriter Sensation. To be just that, his design of contemplation is too close to the less geographically obvious heroes in adagio, just as The Jayhawks, Canyon or Early Day Miners. Closest though to his own melancholies.

bjorn kleinhenz