The best mattress for Intimacy

27 Sep

The correct choice of the best mattress is not only crucial for a good and healthy sleep, but also for good sex. With the wrong mattresses, this can quickly become a horror.

There are many different factors that are important for a good mattress for sex. Of course, one of these is the volume of sound that the mattress emits as it moves, but this not only depends directly on your mattress but also on your bed and the frame of slats. Much more important are the factors that support you and your partner in sex, to have sex as pleasant as possible, exactly what we want to present to you.

Response time

The reaction time indicates how quickly your mattress reacts to movements. Sex on mattresses with a slow reaction time feels like sex in the sand. The movements of your body are not totally compatible with the mattress and, consequently, it has a poor suspension. Therefore, an ideal mattress for sex adapts quickly to changes in the movements of your partner and yours, so you will be well supported on a stable surface. With a response time between good and very good, you can easily change your position without your mood going.

Mattresses made of latex or similar elastic materials, such as Avena, are particularly suitable for this purpose. This type of foam provides a stable top layer, but also resistant and, therefore, receptive. In the upper layer, memory foam should not be necessarily installed, since it absorbs movement and changes in position become more difficult.


The bounce refers to the suspension and elasticity of the mattress. The mattress should not absorb the movements, but rather return and bounce slightly. During sex, this can help create a steady rhythm. Therefore, you must pay attention to high mattress elasticity. As with the reaction time, mattresses that have latex foam like the top layer are the most suitable for this, since they imply an excellent feeling of recoil. Alternatively, hybrid mattresses can be very suitable. Due to the special structure, you get a comfortable comfort and a high sleeping comfort, as well as a good and stable high-class suspension, which is due to the additional built-in springs.


The total durability of the mattress will undoubtedly be tested during sexual intercourse. So that you can enjoy good sex with your partner for several years on the mattress, you should make sure to choose a long-lasting mattress. Most premium mattresses usually last a few years and do not lose their stability.


Comfort plays a very important role in every mattress purchase, but especially a good mattress for sex should not show any deficit. Your mattress should have a high point of elasticity so that the pressure on it can be distributed and better relieved. This should make the mattress comfortable in any position. Good foam for a very good distribution of the pressure and the adaptation of the body is the memory foam. So, just visit Best mattress reviewsfor the best beds online.